SSL Certificate Discovery & Vulnerability Scanner

Cyber Security Includes Asset Management you need to know what assets are connected to the corporate network. And equally important, you want to know what services or ports are exposed in these assets and which SSL certificates are used.

In-depth Scanning

We support in-depth SSL/certificate scanning techniques like SNI hosts, vulnerabilities, certificate chain scanning, cipher suites, and hashing algorithms and much more.

Automated asset discovery

Identify and track (lost) assets like IoT devices, servers, user endpoint certificates, SSH-keys and PLCs in your corporate network to prevent disruption in communication and even data leakage or breaches.

Third-party Integration

Need more insight? We provide seamless integration with SIEM, SOC and GRC solutions.

Data-loss Prevention

In some corporate networks, assets use certificate based authentication to be able to connect a device to the network. This means you need to know when these certificates expire to prevent disruption and sometimes even data-loss because an asset is no longer able to communicate with a server or service.

OS Independant

Our scanning solution runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and is the fastest scanner available. It's also VMware, VHD and Azure compatible. Our technology can be provided as a virtual appliance or dedicated hardware that you can host in your datacenter of choice.